Walking events, walking fundraisers, photos, information and marathons.

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Walk Ben Nevis Mountain
Climb Ben Nevis Mountain (Bheinn Nibheis) UK highest mountain over looking the glen by Loch Linnhe. Enjoy the Fort William area . Click for more information.

The Cotswolds
For information on exploring the cotswold hills on foot or by cycle along with the history and folklore of the Cotswold area

Hiking and open air activities
Hiking and discovery of France walking, horse riding , mountain bike riding, skiing and for handicapped persons. Netcasting and broadcasting of open air activities.

Arthur lBlessitt walking
World's longest walk, 294 nations over 35,000 miles and still walking.

The Trent Valley Way
The site contains photographs of the 84 mile long distance trail, the Trent Valley Way, following the course of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire from Thrumpton to West Stockwith. 

Walking East Midlands
Walking events of 20 miles & over taking place in the East Midlands area of the UK.

The Robin Hood Way
Photographs of the Robin Hood Way, Nottinghamshires long distance trail from Nottingham to Edwinstowe.

World's longest walk
34,500 miles and 292 nations.

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