Tennis news, rules, equipment, tips, events, and other tennis information.

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Find a tennis partner
Tennis Round is an online tennis portal for connecting tennis players for social and competitive player-to-player tennis matches.

Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club
Featuring coaching information, tournaments, results, and more.

Tennis Instruction
Tennis instruction for tournament players in ebooks, personal coaching, email consultation, phone calls, photo and video analysis, private tennis lessons, clinics and seminars.

Tennis Hall of Fame
Historical information regarding the tennis hall of fame.

Tennis Elbow 2004
Tennis Elbow is the best 2D tennis game for PC, with a fun, realistic gameplay.

HYS Tennis Ball
HYS - an international brand name in tennis. Racquets, tennis balls, sport bags, sport towels.
For all your racket sport needs, rackets, trainers, clothes, balls, and much more. Order online now. Ships worldwide.

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