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A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure
Dances With Marmots Paperback. Inspirational account of a 2650 mile solo hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail of California, Oregon and Washington. A New Zealanders view of the US and its wilderness.

Mocygo Computer Books-
Fully illustrated step-by-step and easy to follow books to learn Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, Microsoft Windows 98 and Lotus 123.Ships anywhere in the world.

Catwaklk, a Feline Odyssey
The captivating story of a wandering tabby cat and the people she meets on her journey of adventure and discovery. A must-read for animal lovers of all ages.
Discount online romance novel bookstore. Original web based multimedia love stories.

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Author Homepage Glenn Miller
"Cry the Night", reviews, excerpt, ordering links. 

Disciple's Cornerstone
Online Christian Book and Resources Seller.

R.A. Cline Publishing
New, used and rare submarine books. We are the publishers of; "Wake of the Wahoo," "Maru Killer," "Submarine Grayback," "Hell Above, Deep Water Below" and "Final Dive."

UnDepartment Store
Free access to hot, creative new books and inventions presented by the authors and inventors to the public.

The Secret of the "Iron Claw"
'The Secret of the Iron Claw' by Ron Mullinax is the story of the famous, yet tragic, Von Erich wrestling family who rose to fame and helped usher in the modern-era of wrestling in the 1980s. 

Vola Books
New Novel: Book Sell. Crime Fiction. A newly created Private Eye, Archibald McCreal, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The book is humorous to read. Titled: "The Case of The Will Contest" Check out the review and buy online.

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