Garden shed plans, instructions, and kits to help you build your own shed.

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Building storage sheds
Storage sheds and how to choose the right one for you. How to build your storage shed and the choices of material. Lots of free ideas and information.

Garden & Storage Shed Kits
Our beautiful garden storage shed kits can make the perfect poolside cabana, an attractive playhouse (for all ages!), or an ideal backyard garden retreat.

Home and Garden Guide
Find garden shed plans at this comprehensive guide featuring gardening, renovation and repair, and building resources.

Garden shed plans
Japanese style.

Storage Shed Plan
recycling bins, plus all your garden tools and supplies.

Frame Shed Plan.

Mini Garden Shed
a garden or flower bed area.

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Gable Shed Plan.

Garden Shed Plans
Garden shed plans for that essential storage space in your little heaven.

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