Scientific research and development, studies, and projects.

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Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Biological, Computer, IT, Chemistry, Physics , Botany , Electronics , English, Zoology , Mathematics , Human Charts.

Centre for Duncanian Studies - London
The Centre is a group of researchers and scholars who apply a Duncanian perspective to the study of drug dependence, violence, and mental illness.

Ecosystem Development, Causes and Effects
Ecosystem development is affected by the drive to improve its exergy comsumption capacity, according to the second law of thermodynamics.

BetterVIEW Home Page
LabVIEW Toolkits, Consulting Services, Free Samples, and useful information for LabVIEW developers.

Nuclear Waste Italy - Zona nucleare
The only national site for collection of nuclear wastes in Italy.

Books and software in sciences
The site represents a series of new books and software in mathematics, physics, mechanics, engineering, statistics, computer science, cybernetics, computer algebra (Maple, Mathematica), etc.

Professional Science Editing Service
We are a professional online scientific editing service by native English-speaking scientists enabling effective communication of findings and ideas.

Sustainable Development Research
The SDR-Network is concerned with sustainable development research undertaken in the UK and, where relevant, elsewhere.

Nature IQ
Focusing on Topics to Know , Link Directory , Bookstore, Forum, Webring, Simple Obscure Words. Providing research, information and observations on the " Act of Knowing" and related topics.

Ann's World of Microbes
Microbiology research in Canada and Thailand, microbiology resources for students and researchers, and cave microbes.

Rajeev Jain's Projects
Natural Convection in a partially partitioned cavity(CFD), XML query optimization, Saving/restoring geometric feature information in XML, Solar collector suitable for sorption refrigeration

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