Science fair project ideas, exchanges, help, kits, and creative project development.

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The Science Fair Project of the Day
On holidays, anniversaries and observances will be posted a related virtual science fair project.

Science Fair Projects Ideas
Project software in science and interactive learning. Shockwave demonstrations avialable.

Cyber Fair
Come look for your own science fair project ideas.

School Projects Online
Kits for Volcano, Water Test Kits And Much More.

Science Fair Central
offers science fair ideas and kids science fair project ideas.

Experimental Science Projects
An Intermediate Level Guide.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
Ideas, Information, Help, Links and Projects.

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School Science Fairs
Science Fair Project Ideas.

Science Fair Project Ideas
Science Fairs made easy!

Science Fair
Sources for Project Ideas, the Chicago Public Library.

Science Fair Project Ideas
Ways to find a science fair project idea.

Education Planet
leading K-12 search engine that helps teachers, students and parents.

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