The theories, formulas, and answers to your
physics questions. Also featuring physics software and articles.

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Physics Forums
Discuss science topics with the web's top science community.

Ultrafast lasers
Ultrafast laser information.

Interactive lessons for Chemistry and Physics at Secondary School level.

Physics homework help via email
High School and College tutoring via E-mail in total course of General Physics from Mechanics to Quantum Physics, General and Higher Mathematics, MathCAD, Visual Basic.

Quantum Teleportation
Some thoughts on photon entanglement experiments.

Paul Nylander's Home Page
Artwork Drawings Renderings Truespace Mathematics Mathematica Fractals Tessellations Autostereograms Physics Science Tesla Voltage Insects Bugs Butterflies Shells Holography Laser Claymation Legos.

Solid State Physics
Structure and properties of nanoscopic and molecular materials, with an emphasis on phenomena that accur on extremely small spatial dimensions (nanophysics) and very short time-scales (femtoseconds).

BSM theory
A unified theory based on alternative not explored vacuum concept. It puts a light on the relations between matter, energy and fields such as gravity, electricity and magnetism.

Physics Post
Read articles on science issues.

Teslamania Tesla Coins and Coin Shrinking
Unique site featuring pulsed magnetic fields (Quarter Shrinking and Can Crushing), Pulsed Power, Frozen Lightning Bolts (Lichtenberg Figures), and Tesla Coils. Shrunken coins, other interesting things, and rare technical books also available.

Physics Tutor
Online physics tutor. Provides solutions to numericals.

The Kopernekan Revolution
"A site devoted to Science, offering numerous resources in the form of documents, animations, and message boards to convey ideas.

Fine Structure Constant, alpha
Solution to a 20th century mystery. Feynman's conjecture of a relation between alpha, the fine structure constant, and pi. The formula for alpha and some of its consequences.

A new perspective.

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