Main coon cats directory of breed characteristics, pictures, and other coon cats details.

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Exquisite Cats
Specializing in Maine Coon and Bengal Cats. Located in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia. Registered breeder. Kittens By Order.

Maine Coon Cats by Verismo
Many cute pictures of CFA National Winning Maine Coon Cats and kittens from this breeder. Discusses Maine Coon Cat patterns, colors, and personality.

Jacawaca Maine Coons
Jacawaca is a small breeding cattery located in the East Anglia region. We breed for health, temperament and type in all colours including tabby, solid and smoke.

Maine Coon Cats by Timberkatz
Large number of Maine Coon pictures from this breeder located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Registered with ACFA, CFA, CFF and TICA. Kittens raised underfoot throughout the year with most colors available.

Wackymoon Coon
Danish breed of Maine Coon. We strive to breed strong and healthy Coonie's. Foundation and outcross.

Maine Coon Cats
Catteries, club and rescue, and personal pages for Maine Coon Cats.

Hibou Cats Maine Coon Cats Home Page
Hibou Cats is a CFA registered cattery that breeds Maine Coon Cats in Ontario, Canada.

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