Directory of giant schnauzer dogs breeding
characteristics, pictures, training tips, and specialized schnauzer dog supplies.

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Working Giant Schnauzer
Information on the working giant schnauzer - schutzhund, police k9, search and rescue, ringsport, KNPV, breeding and links.

Top Giant Schnauzer Breeder
Discussing the history of Sonnenschein, stud dogs, news, current litters, price list, upcoming litters, giant art, and giant schnauzer hall of fame.

Blitz Schnauzers
Quality home raised Giant Schnauzers. Health tested and guaranteed.

Grande Giant Schnauzers
Breeding giants for form and function. Versatile dogs suitable for conformation, obedience, agility, protection, and as home companions. All our dogs are health tested.

Giant Schnauzer Information
Featured giant schnauzer information at Champdogs, the UK and European dog breeders and owners website.

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