DNA testing resources offering information and testing centers along with other DNA guides and research.

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Personal DNA Testing Cheap Legal Home DNA Test Kits
Order a genetic DNA test online with easyDNA USA. With a few simple steps, you can have fast, accurate DNA testing results and peace of mind

Family Tree DNA
Family Tree DNA offers DNA testing for amateur and professional genealogists. Family Tree DNA takes advantage of knowledge gained by genealogists to help researchers find lost relatives. It helps establishing the relative genetics and get a dnaprint of your genetree.

Atlanta DNA Center, Inc.
DNA Testing Services including Paternity Testing, Maternity, Siblingship & more. Personal & Legal Cases. Free DNA Collection kits. Contact us for a free & private consultation.

DNA Testing
DNA Testing - When your ready to know, we're here to help with our easy, discreet, painless, accurate DNA Testing Services.

DNA Test
Looking for a Sibling DNA Test, a Prenatal Paternity Test, or just a little peace of mind, you can rest assured that DNA Bioscience will provide you with highly accurate results at a very affordable fee.

The Complexity of DNA Testing
A BBC science correspondent explains DNA testing and why it may take weeks to identify the body said to be Daniel Pearl.

DNA Testing
Article focusing on DNA testing, an introduction and index.

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