Information and facts about the the beliefs and practices of Judaism.

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Discover Judaism history, visit Jewish museums, explore Israel, celebrate Jewish holidays or apply to a Jewish university at

Books and Music Guide
Look for Judaism beliefs books at this comprehensive online books guides.

Commentaries about Jewish Observance, Jewish Life In America, Israel and the World, Israel and the Press and Terrorism. Some of them are satirical, all are heartfelt.

Sadduqim Yehudim
Sadduqim Yehudim is the restoration of the Torah based Sadduqim (Sadducee) Judaism of ancient Yisra'el. We seek to proclaim the Torah and to call all people to repentance.

Thoughts on Torah
Thoughts on Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah Commentary on Tefilah, Tanach and Chagim. Courses at Conservative Yeshiva. Research on Israel and Hebrew Democracy by Shaiya Rothberg

Jewish Gifts
Personalized Jewish gifts in Hebrew and English for every occasion. Gifts include Challah boards, Kiddush Cups, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding gifts, Photo Frames, Jewish Scrapbooking and much more.

Rae's JBC Page
This site is about my experiences as Jewish By Choice. It has a Jewish calendar, updated monthly, Torah portions, quotes from the Talmud, and links to my other pages.

Thoughts on Torah
Thoughts on Torah, Commentary on Prayer and Bible, Other.

Roots of Christianity
The truth concerning the roots of christianity plus a dynamite 24/7 Messianic Worship Radio station.

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