Radio control model tanks, kits, information, parts, radios, assembly and other information on model RC model tanks.

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Radio Control Tanks
Build big radio control tanks.

Radio Controlled Model Tanks
Offeirng Russian T80, T90, T34, German Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger 1, King Tiger, M4 Sherman Howitzer, Sherman Firefly, and more. Radio controlled model tanks. Model tanks are GRP, steel running gear, electric powered, speeds 8 mph, climb 45 degrees. Model tanks for sale in UK.

Nikko Megatech Remote Control Vehicles
Nikko and Megatech remote control hobby store offering remote control boats, airplanes, trucks, hummers, cars and more. Remote control toys at prices that make sense!

Radio Controlled Tanks Combat Zone
Get the new RC Military Model Magazine by joining the new club in South Devon-UK for radio control military vevicle enthusiasts using models from 1:24th scale to 16th scale.

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