Internet rpg games that can be played online, realtime with other players.

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Girl Gamer Extraordinaire
GGE is all about my life as a girl gamer. I give advise, relate news, tell stories , review new games and impart my vast MMORPG knowledge.

The Wheel
The Wheel" is an epic tale of love, war, kings, gods, betrayal, sacrifice, madness, magic, myth, and adventure. It uses a unique mixture of chat, posting, and voting that allows multiple people to cooperatively roleplay a single character.

Multiplayer Online Games Directory
Latest games, polls, headlines, and more.

Get Tiffany -- Online multiplayer game
Get Tiffany is an online multiplayer game about four guys trying to win the attention of a girl named Tiffany.

Welcome to WebRPG
WebRPG is the internet resource for Role Playing Game information, tools, products, resources and more.

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