Political cartoons, comics, and other political satire.

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QuackCity Home of Buckminster Duck
Quack City presents the adventures, social and political commentary of buckminster duck, a just so happens to be gay duck.

Books and Music Guide
Look for political cartoons at this comprehensive online books guide.

Political Cartoons and Cartoonists
Historical political cartoons of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Chris Hiers
Animated and traditional political cartoons by Chris Hiers.

Patriotic Humor
Extensive archive of political cartoons, graphics, and jokes.

A Brief History of Political Cartoons
Political cartoons and satire.

New York Times on the Web: Cartoons
Cartoons from the NY Times.

Chappatte Editorial Cartoons
China satire and more.

A Satrical Look at the Death Penalty
Archive of political cartoons dealing with capital punishment.

fresh political cartoons, gag cartoons, illustrations, caricatures, and animations.

Cartoon of the Week
Editorial cartoons on World Affairs - Updated weekly.

Uku Kasemets Cartoons
The Cartoon Universe.

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