Anxiety control and stress relief through healthy and simple stress management activities.

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Basic Stress Management Concepts
As a health psychologist and a peak performance specialist, Dr. Sime provides a concise, but "potent" stress coping package. The extent to which it will be successful for you will be determined by how committed you are to making it work, how often you use it (every time the telephone rings, when you stop at a traffic light, when you get upset over trivial matters, etc.). With training in biofeedback, stress management and/or peak performance you can gain the sensitivity to be aware of the body stress signs as well as the comfortable, relaxed feeling and ease in respiration that occurs when you are coping successfully.

Life Coach
Australian Life Coach, providing Personal Life Coach services internationally. All money raised from Life coaching goes to charity for the homeless. Life Coach Directory of Life Coaches.

Stress Management
CAPS specializes in helping students solve personal, social, academic, and career problems.

Serenity and Good Faith
After a long hard day at work everyone needs to go somewhere where they can feel included. We provide stress-relief, relaxation, and acceptance. Free to everyone.

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