Homeopathy information, pharmacies, methods, and other other information about homeopathy.

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Homoepathic Didi
It is a homeopathy related health blog with different aspects of diseases in a nut shell & their remedies in homeopathy.

Homeopathy Home
The Net's premier site for all things homeopathic inncluding a world directory, commercial and other web links and a full reference library.

Bionordic is an online health and wellness service who offers Homeopathic programs , Heel Products, Spenglersan, Enderlein products and much more.

Rx Homeopathy, Healthcare
RXHomeo online retail healthcare pharmacy natural medicine, free prescriptions. Shipping, door delivery, netclinic, discounts on family kits.

Naturally You
A unique website by Classical Homeopath Robert Lee Dalpe, N.D. featuring research, TeleHomeopathy, expert consulting, tutoring, vaccines and treatments for new diseases.

Botavie laboratories
Botavie specializes in the development and production of phytotherapeutic (herbal medicine) products.

>Homeopathy Modern medicine of the 21st century
The world of Homoeopathy. A homoeopathy website from India for lay-people as well as for the professionals. Offers FAQs, On-Line consultation, journal, courses, etc.

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