Dual diagnosis, addictions and mental disorders
combined, treatment, and other information about dual mental disorders.

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Midas Dual Disorders
Informational and free resources for people working with mental and emotional problems complicated by drug use. Home of the Dual Disorders Web Ring.

Amas Veritas
Material includes a journal, poetry, art and photography, as well as quotes, quizzes, lyrics and other media, diagnoses, links, an ezine, and site design tips.

Life Skills of Boca Raton
Provides transitional drug and alcohol treatment services. Specializes in the treatment of dual diagnoses with emphasis on anxiety, eating, personality, and depressive disorders.

Dual Diagnosis
A site for practitioners working with substance abuse and co-occuring disorders (MH/SA). Web resources, online documents, colleague exchanges, books, reports, treatment and recovery, and continuing education.

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