TI86 games for the TI-86 calculator.

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Madden and Madden 10
Prizes: 1st Prize winner- 500 xp, Crown, a NFL Team Shirt & Team Hat 2nd Prize winner- 300 xp, a NFL Team Hat 3rd Prize winner- 150 xp, a GamingAhead T shirt Submitted by: xPray 4 Deathx
TI-86 Game Authors.

Pocket Aargon Palm
The essential laser light and color logic puzzle game.

Prehistoric Slots
Enjoy the unique graphics and the simplicity in operating Prehistoric Slots.

The Memory Machine
Save Rob-Robot from the the furnace using your memory in this Simon like game.

TI85/TI86 Calculator Programs
ZShell games.

Yarins Homepage - TI-86
Most of the TI-86 games are ports of the TI-85 version.

Lucky Match game
Lucky Match is beautifully implemented betting game with matches.

Library of the Ages
The books in Library of the Ages are in disarray! Sort them before time is up!

Help Harris pass all the tasks on his adventure, and make it home safe.

Arcadrome Space Stalker
Perfect 3D arcade game:100 levels, excellent fight, weapons, monsters, etc.

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