Sculpture galleries, artists, techniques, featuring all types of sculpture.

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Pease Plastics
Residential and commercial art, Lucite sculptures, custom display cases, benches, lamps and unusual, creative art pedestals are some of the offerings at the showroom near Chicagos north shore.

Wind Sculpture
Beautiful, serene and soul fulfilling wind powered sculptures. Unique, museum quality hypnartic artwork for lawn and garden enhancement

The Fine Art of Sculpture - Useful Tips on Creating Sculpture
Resources and information on the fine art of sculpture. You will discover ideas and useful tips that you never knew before and create beautiful sculptures without being a professional artist.

The Stone Sculptor
Fine art sculpture in marble, alabaster and soapstone, by Jason P. Nelson. Primary subject matter is marine life. Commissions are welcomed.

Sculpture Center
Sculpture center and events with portfolios of sculptors and current events. Sculpture magazine and resources.

Internet search results for sculpture.

Sculpture Grounds
Indoor and outdoor sculpture including a gallery of art work displayed at a sculpture park. Collections and special events.

Museum Sculpture Park
Sculpture park with upcoming events at DeCordova. Workshops and sculpture auctions. Families and classes for adults, and children.

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