Crafts and crafting resources of all kinds for crafters of
all ages including quilt patterns, glass art, knitting, woodworking, paper mache, and more.

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Archery Bow Making - Bowmaking craft, instructions, and information about achery bow making.
Art Supplies Art Brush - Directory of art supplies providers with top quality art brush brands.
Bali Silver Beads Wholesale - Discounted and quality Bali silver beads at wholesale prices.
Bead and Jewelry Crafts - Bead and jewelry crafts and craft ideas.
Bead Storage Wholesaler - Discounted and quality bead storeage wholesaler.
Bunk Bed Plans - Building plans for a bunk bed.
Christian Crafts for Easter - Easter crafts for the Christian holidays.
Craft Supplies - Resources offering craft supplies featuring a variety of craft supplies.
Cultural Crafts - Cultural crafts and ethnic craft projects resources.
Czech Bead Manufacturers - Czech bead manufacturers and bead sales resources.
Easy Origami Diagrams - Easy origami diagrams and origami paper supplies.
Free Quilt Block Patterns - Free patterns for quilt blocks.
Free Quilt Patterns - Find free quilt patterns online.
Free Wood Patterns - Wood patterns free for your use.
Free Wood Working Plans - Free plans for wood working.
Free Stencils - Free stencils for you new project.
Free Teddy Bear Patterns - Teddybear designs and other creative free teddy bear patterns.
Glass Art - Handmade glass art, beads, blown glass, scuptures, jewelry, and more.
Handmade Dolls - Dolls and collectable handcrafted custom designed craft baby dolls.
Handmade Pottery - Handmade pottery including crafted pottery from various artists and styles.
Handmade Wood Crafts - Original and unique handmade wood crafts.
How Build Catapult - Instructions on how to build a catapult.
Knitting And Embroidery And Classes - Introducing you to knitting and embroidery classes.
Machine Embroidery Free Designs - Free designs for machine embroidery.
Modern Handmade Crafts - Modern handmade crafts in all materials, designs by a variety of artists.
Mothers Day Crafts For Children - New and unique mothers day crafts for children.
Mother's Day Craft Ideas - Craft ideas for the Mother's Day holiday.
Murano Glass - Offering Murano glass resources including high quality venetian murano glass.
Needlepoint Supplies - Needlpoint supplies guide including specialty needle point places.
Paper Crafts - Paper crafts guide including places with seasonal and easy kids paper crafts.
Paper Mache Recipe - Recipe for paper mache.
Paper Oragami - Oragami paper and craft ideas.
Pottery - Offering artists with original pottey.
Preschool Crafts - Preschool crafts that promote creativity in the preschooler.
Rabbit Hutch Building Plan - Building plans for rabbit hutches.
Silk Floral - Silk floral guide offering hand made silk floral arrangements and flowers.
Spinning Fiber - Spinning fibers of a variety of textures, fiber colors, and uses.
Sunday School Crafts - Youth activities and examples of Sunday schools crafts and projects.

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