Art galerie links and information featuring originals,
portraits, modern, and a wide variety of artistic styles and artists.

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Viktor Tilson, Outsider Artist
Paintings by British Artist Viktor Tilson, one of the UKs leading contemporary painters, work now becoming increasingly collectable.

Art Galerie Links
Art Gallery links including french and russian galeries along with many other types of displays.

Sausalito Art Galleries
Sausalito, Now, has become a leading Virtual Art Community, in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing the talents and works of Local, American, and International Artists to this new "Internet Medium."

Salish Pride Gallery
Authentic First Nations Art work by Coast Salish People. Quality Hand crafted Native art work in Red & Yellow Cedar using the raven, eagle, killerwhale, thunderbird and frog designs.

Galerie Macondo
Haitian Art.

Contemporary Chinese Art
Galerie du Monde.

Swiss Art
Galerie Quattro.

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